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ARCHROMA 和 SWATCHBOOK 联手为时装设计师提供数千种数字色彩

Pratteln, Switzerland, 14 June 2023 – Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, is bringing the entire portfolio of 5,760 Archroma Color Atlas colors to swatchbook, the industry leading platform for material digitalization and sourcing.

The new partnership provides fashion, apparel and textile designers and manufacturers with an elevated standard for color accuracy that meets the needs of today’s increasingly technology-driven and integrated supply chain. This will help the textile and fashion community to improve sustainability, whilst lowering costs and shortening turnaround times.

“At Archroma, we are committed to developing sustainable color solutions for the fashion and textile industry. Enriching swatchbook’s industry-leading digital tools with Archroma’s innovative systems will give brands and their suppliers the extra edge they need to thrive with sustainability in a fast-paced digital world,” Chris Hipps, Head of Strategic Business Development, Archroma Color Management, said.

“We are pleased to partner with Archroma, a company whose values mirror our own commitment to empowering users with intuitive tools that are truly a joy to use,” Jason Eric Brown, Chief Business Development Officer of swatchbook, said. “This partnership will enable us to tap into Archroma’s expertise in color and chemistry so that we can help our customers develop more accurate and consistent digital material colorways.”

The Color Atlas by Archroma® was launched in 2016 to provide fashion designers and stylists with off-the-shelf color inspiration that can be implemented in production with just a few clicks.

Designers will use the 5,760 Archroma Color Atlas colors on swatchbook to rapidly develop accurate digital colorways and visualize their final product. They can then share these digital swatches with their manufacturing partners, providing access to the swatchbook metadata, which can include information such as the materials’ composition, weight and color.

This will significantly streamline the overall design and production process for color-critical fashion and textile products, allowing for faster turnaround. Digital materials supported by trusted coloration technology also reduce the need for samples and eliminate physical swatchbooks, bringing environmental benefits and lower costs to brands and suppliers.

瑞士普拉特恩,2023 年 6 月 14 日 – 致力于可持续解决方案的特种化学品全球领导者昂高 (Archroma) 正在将 5,760 种 Archroma Color Atlas 颜色的整个产品组合引入行业领先的材料数字化和采购平台 Swatchbook。


“在昂高,我们致力于为时尚和纺织行业开发可持续的色彩解决方案。通过昂高的创新系统丰富 Swatchbook 行业领先的数字工具,将为品牌及其供应商提供在快节奏的数字世界中实现可持续发展所需的额外优势。”昂高色彩管理战略业务开发主管 Chris Hipps 表示

 swatchbook 首席业务开发官 Jason Eric Brown表示:“我们很高兴与 Archroma 合作,这家公司的价值观反映了我们致力于为用户提供真正令人愉悦的直观工具的承诺。” “这种合作关系将使我们能够利用昂高在色彩和化学方面的专业知识,从而帮助我们的客户开发更准确和一致的数字材料色彩。”

Archroma ®的 Color Atlas 于 2016 年推出,为时装设计师和造型师提供现成的色彩灵感,只需点击几下即可在生产中实施。

设计师将使用样本簿上的 5,760 种 Archroma Color Atlas 颜色来快速开发准确的数字配色并可视化他们的最终产品。然后,他们可以与制造合作伙伴共享这些数字样本,提供对样本元数据的访问,其中可以包括材料的成分、重量和颜色等信息。